I remember the first time I went down on the Soul Train line. I had this tiny tube top on. I shake my booty so hard my top came off half way. By hanging out with dancers, I became conscious with my body. I started to work out six in the morning, do sit ups. I end up getting a certificate for personal trainer from AFAA. The kind of worked out as I was posing for various calendar already.( Women in the East, most beautiful girl in the world, Imaginasian, etc.) Couple year's later I got offer to pose nude for Sung hi lee's website. As I never pose nude before,( I've done only sheer photo shoot on 1999 playboy grapevine section) I got really nervous. Ms. Lisa Boyle was their photographer, so I asked her "what style of photo shoot are we doing today?"she replied " very pornographic" After I saw the picture, I realized that she was just joking. Those first sets are still one of my favorite one. Shortly after I did PLAYBOY Sexy girl next door TV show (Sugar &Spice)I dress up like a firefighter on this segment. Through doing Various Calendar I did couple radio appearance (Such as Power 106, beat, The bomb), expo, etc. One day, I got asked to go to "car show" I didn't know what "Import scene" was till I went there. From there I did Magazines like "Import tuner" cover, "Superstreet", "max power" "Import racer" and some ads. I also appeared in sitcom such as "Malcom&Eddie", "My wife&Kids", the man show, Couple independent movie, music video(Offspring, destiny's child, Afroman, etc.) I 'd like to meet & inspire as many people I can through, expo, events, carshow, on screen, and.....on the aikoaiko.net. Love Aiko