Ebony Eve Backgrounder

I am a professional model based out of Baltimore, Maryland. I was born in Germany. My dad was a Sergeant in the US Army. Most of my childhood was spent traveling around the world. I guess I was considered an army brat. As a child I was always pretty tall, and athletic. I drove my mother crazy with dance classes, ballet, and cheerleading. I was very active in high school. I excelled academically, and socially.

My modeling career started my freshmen year in college. I did local fashion shows, trade shows, mannequin modeling, and eventually runway and print work: Over the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to have appeared in many industry-leading publications as well as being selected as a spokesmodel for a number national product ad campaigns.

Recently, I received my certification as a Personal Trainer, and am currently whipping a number of clients into shape (LOL!) in a local health spa.

Due to numerous requests, I opened an exclusive private members' website, http://www.ebonyeve.com, which I call "Ebony Eve's Erotic Hideaway". This site contains exclusive photo galleries of me and my very special "guest hotties", slide shows, videos, members-only wallpapers, and other goodies. A free preview area is available which now includes my Auction area and Store.


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 135 lb.
Measurements: 38DD-27-36
Hair: Long Black
Eyes: Chestnut Brown
Birthday: April 29
Dress: 7
Shoes: 10

Ethnic background: African American/Cherokee Indian


Maryland Hard Bodies 2003 Calendar
Colt 45 - 2002 Campaign Model. Published on ads, posters, in-store displays, cans, and other packaging
Playboy Magazine - Grapevine Section, March 2002
B.O.S.S. Retail Calendar, January 2002
Planet Muscle Magazine, November 2001
Black Men's Extra Swimsuit Edition, September 2001
Black Men's Magazine, April 2001
Maryland Hard Bodies 2000 Calendar

Scribbles Apparel
The Limited

Old Navy
Pepsi - Pepsi Challenge
Budweiser Boxing Ring Girl
Oil of Olay
Coors, Jose Cuervo, Rolling Rock, Bacardi