I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I grew up a tiny girl with very big glasses. I always loved school and did well. But more than anything, I loved performing. I began singing and dancing at a very young age and continued throughout my life, picking up acting along the way. Modeling didn't come to me until after high school.

I had since replaced my thick glasses with contacts and grown into my post-puberty shape. I started doing swimsuit modeling as a part of the Midwest Bikini Team and my love for the camera grew from there. I attended the University of Cincinnati earned a Bachelor's of Communication and a 3.8 GPA! While in college, Playboy came to UC scouting for their "Girls of the Conference USA" issue. I was one of 2 girls chosen from my school! That was my break and the event that jumpstarted my modeling career!

What brings me the most joy about modeling is definitely the fan mail. Two years later, one letter still makes my day. I often have those moments, of just laughing and shaking my head in disbelief; saying, "I have fans?? That's crazy!" Every time my autograph is requested or I receive an email telling me what a big fan someone is, I get goosebumps.

Last year, I moved to Los Angeles, CA to more actively pursue my acting career. I did well and stayed busy. L.A. and I had a love/ hate relationship. There were parts of the city that I loved, that I had wanted all of my life. But it definitely had its seedy side, as well. Presently, I have moved back to Cincinnati, Ohio and pursue my career in entertainment through a lot of travel and a lot of hours on the Internet and telephone.

My new website just launched and I am so excited about it! MandyFisher.com is truly an extension of me, right down to the smallest detail. My favorite part is my Rising Star Feature. This features beginner models or models that haven't yet had the exposure they deserve. Some appear in their first photo shoot ever! These beautiful girls are exclusive to MandyFisher.com. The photography is really great. I plan all of the photo shoots, from wardrobe to lighting, and handpick every image that appears on my website. It also gives me an outlet to be "the real me"- without all the glitz and glamour that modeling usually attaches.

I hope you join me!