I was born in California and I'll always be a California girl at heart. California isn't just a place to me. It's more like a state of mind that's sunny, sexy, honest, and free-spirited-just like me! At that time, my dad was a chef and my mother was a teacher's assistant. We soon moved to Colorado to be near my father's parents. Even now, I remember the amazing experiences we had hiking in the mountains where I would pick wildflowers to put in my hair, pretending I was in a faraway place… As my modeling career began to take off, I moved back to California where I fell in love with the hot weather and the beautiful beaches. Now, when I'm not worshipping the sun or gliding around town on my rollerblades, I get my thrills on rollercoasters and dancing all night in the hottest clubs around, letting my Latin blood move me on the dancefloor. Animals are another love of mine. I have a dog and a cat who, like men and women, sometimes get along-and sometimes don't. But no matter what, after a long hard day, I know they'll always be happy to see me. And just a note-put a pizza or good gnocchi with white wine sauce in front of me and I'll be yours forever. Anyway, I hope you like what you find here-and a special thanks to my friends at Blue Fantasies for helping me make it happen. Feel free to sign up and explore…You'll find hot new pictures, sexy videos, my personal diary and new surprises every week! Love, Kisses, and Peace!